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How to become an air hostess in India | Easy tips and tricks for becoming an air hostess

How to become an air hostess in India

How to get air hostess jobs in India

If you want to be an air hostess, these are the things you need to know.
If you want to be your dream air hostess, learn about all the major aspects of its standard, qualifications, interviews, and exams ...

Looking at the salary, the opportunity to go to different places and glamor, thousands of girls want to become air hostesses

Seen from a distance, all travelers should be greeted with a smile by taking good make-up and taking care of them during the journey. 
But the job of an air hostess is not so easy.

Taking care of the comfort of different types of passengers is always displayed with challenging work, patience, and a smile. 

Even in emergencies, a variety of situations have to be handled. If you have the passion to handle such responsibilities, you can only move forward by choosing this profession with a good salary.

Easy tips and tricks for becoming an air hostess:

1. Your 12th pass is mandatory.

2. Knowledge of more than two languages is mandatory. At the same time, the pronunciation of your words is correct and precise. You must be proficient in speaking and understanding English.

3. Your communication skills should be excellent.

4. Your physical appearance is very important in this job. So pay full attention to this as well.

5. Only qualities like a good presence of mind, a positive attitude, and common sense can make you the best in this profession.

6. At least your length is 157.5 cm and eyesight is 6/6.

7. The age limit for becoming an air hostess is 18-25 years.

8. The most important criterion is that you should be calm and patient even in the worst situations. Even when a passenger asks the same questions over and over again there is no chance of getting annoyed. You have to deal with them with a smile.

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How to prepare for the exam and interview?

1. You can test your own patience by sitting with your friends. In this, such a situation can be created that will make you angry or upset.

2. There are many companies that teach this, where you will be given full training to become an air hostess. It is advisable to get admission in such an institution.

3. From time to time, most airlines invite applications for an air hostess. Some airlines also conduct written tests, in which they perform aptitude tests.

4. A lot of questions related to the skill test will ask you.

5. To prepare for the exam, you should read the basics of each subject. Be prepared in advance for a mind mapping test.

Opportunities to move forward

By the way, like any other profession, there are many opportunities to move forward here. After becoming a senior air hostess, she will become a senior flight attendant. The career duration of an air hostess is 8-10 years. They are then placed on ground duties or management.


Your starting salary may be 2-4 lakh packages per year. As your experience grows, so will your salary.

Where to get a job:

Air India

Indian Airlines

Mahindra & Mahindra

Sahara India

Alliance air

Go to the air


Jet airways

Gulf wind

Singapore Airlines


Qantas Airlines

United wind

Cathy Pacific

British Airways

Delta Airlines

If you are upset that you did not get the job, then do this work

They are frustrated with not getting jobs, so get out like this...

After leaving or leaving a job, there is no longer a job. In such a situation, people get frustrated. It also has an impact on health. If you have been looking for a job for a long time and you still do not get results after giving continuous interviews, follow these tips With these, you can calm yourself down and get a job soon.

Follow these tips

*  Don’t lose faith - no human in the world can motivate you. Until I talk to you... Whenever you feel negative, encourage yourself. Remember, your faith is your greatest strength.

*  Continue Giving Interviews - Do not stop giving interviews if you want a good job. Continue to constantly search for a job. If the call does not come after the interview, there is no need to despair.

*  Don’t do badly in the office: ‘What is the reason for leaving the old office’? This is a very simple question to ask in an interview. If you want to create your positive image, do not do bad of the old office and the boss. Doing so can become a threat to your job.

*  Belief in skills: People have to do jobs with less money if they want jobs. But remember one thing, this step of yours can be detrimental to your future. At the same time, it will take you a long time to raise your salary. So don’t force yourself to compromise with your talent and salary.

*  Engage in activities: The schedule is busy after work and we cannot do things that make us happy during the job. So until you get a good job, you can engage in various activities. Such as theater, dance, Zumba, badminton, etc.


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