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How To Get Canada Work Permit | Canada Work Permit Online Apply

How To Get Canada Work Permit

Who is eligible to apply for this visa?

Must be graduate
More than 3 years of experience
Must be under 45 years of age
Must be fluent in English

How To Get Canada Work Permit
How To Get Canada Work Permit

Express enter Canada

Those with one year of qualified work experience are eligible to apply to live in Canada under this program which leads to permanent residency. 
This is a great opportunity for working and settlers in Canada.

We encourage applicants to apply as soon as the program opens.

Canada has issued 30,400 invitations to implement (ITA) and held eleven express entry draws as of. This reflects Canada's commitment to meet the immigration targets of more than 1 million immigrants by 2020 by 2022. Despite the epidemic.

Benefits of being a permanent resident of Canada

This is a lifetime visa (as long as you submit 2 years of residency days every 5-year period).

Education: Your children study in Canadian schools for free. Prices for studies at world-class colleges and universities are well below the U.S.
Health: You can enjoy the best health facilities in the world.

Retirement: Canada is considered one of the best countries in the world and you can be assured of a retirement that you will enjoy.

Your Family: You can sponsor your family members to join Canada.
Travel: Canada's passport allows you to travel to different countries without a visa.
Investment: The best investment for your money. Better returns than gold, mutual funds, stocks, or FDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Y-axis work as usual?
Yes, your business is normal for Y-Axis. Our state-of-the-art cloud platform allows us to work from home without interruption.

Are Canada accepting applications?

Yes, Canada is accepting online applications. 

There are two agencies that need to process your request. The first WES to assess your educational credentials is open and accepts online applications just like the IRCC, the Canadian Department of Immigration is a very open and processing Application.
Should I apply later?

There is no reason that you should keep your dreams in Canada. Not much has changed radically. Immigration departments are open, the rules are the same, and Canada continues to receive immigrants. 

The wait time will be longer only when things resume, which is too soon. Make the most of this time and start your Canada trip!

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Documents Required for Canadian Temporary Work Permits

How To Get Canada Work Permit
How To Get Canada Work Permit

An applicant for a foreign employee must collect all the documents required for his or her employer’s previous Canadian temporary work permit, as well as the following documents and forms:

. A valid travel document or passport

. Two photos of you and pictures with family members

. Evidence that you meet the requirements for your potential job

. Certified D'Appointment du Québec if necessary. 
(Québec LMIA application process and extension for Quebec work permit).

. Evidence of relationships with all partners, children or domestic partners

. Complete a work permit application form outside of Canada (IMM 1295) if requested from outside Canada

. Complete Document Checklist (IMM 5488)

. Complete Family Information Form (IMM 5645)

. Annex 1 Completed - Application for Temporary Resident Visa Form. This form has to be completed: the main applicant, his spouse or domestic partner, and all dependent children above 18 years of age. 

This form should only be completed by foreign nationals who require a temporary resident visa to enter


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