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How to get a job in the railway department | Railway jobs 2020

How to get a job in the railway department

I will tell you in detail about this page on how to do it.

This train was started in India in 1853. Since 1853, there have been many major changes in the railways to modern India, and science has played a major role in this change. 

Railways in our country are operated by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. It helps millions of employees to run it properly. Thus, it offers a large number of jobs in India. 

Currently, most people want to get a job in the railways, and if you want to get a job in the railways, the relevant information is given to you in detail on this page.

How to get railway job easily
How to get a job in the railway department

 How to prepare for railway exam

The first choice of most of the youth in our country is to get a job in Indian Railways, other than basic salary in Indian Railways, due to which the craze for this job is very high, Indian Railways is the most offered job in India. 

The Department has about 16 lakh employees working in this field and applications are solicited every year for those with eighth, tenth, graduate, postgraduate, postgraduate, ITI, polytechnic, and engineering-related qualifications in Indian Railways

I will tell you in detail about this page on how to do it.

Information related to the exam
If you are going to take the Railway Exam, you need to have proper knowledge of the syllabus for this exam, the Railway Exam mainly asks questions from four subjects.

2. Rational |

3. Technical efficiency |

4. Indicates mathematical ability.

Questions are optional in all railway exams, questions related to general awareness, mathematics, general intelligence, and rationality are asked in its exam, all candidates are given one hour and thirty minutes in the computer-based exam, during this time. 

You have to solve a hundred questions, the level of questions in the computer-based exam is according to the posts, there are simple questions for small posts and questions are difficult for big posts, these questions are determined by quality.

Selection method

Indian Railways conducts the largest selection in the world through online media, which includes the posts of Assistant Station Master, Goods Guard, Reservation Clerk, Transport and Business Training, and Junior Accounting Assistant.

The railway selection process is based on 3 steps.

1. Computer-Based Testing (CPD)

2. Physical fitness test (PET) is determined according to the period.

For Male Candidates -
Cover a distance of 100 meters with a weight of 35 kg in 2 minutes.

Complete the 1000 meter run in 4 minutes 15 seconds.

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For Women Candidates -
Cover a distance of 100 meters with a weight of 20 kg in 2 minutes.

Complete the 1000 meter run in 5 minutes 40 seconds.

3. Document verification

How to get a job in the railway department 

Computer-based testing

This is the first stage of the exam in which questions related to these subjects are asked.

Lessons - Mathematics, General Intelligence, and Rationalism, General Science, General Awareness on Current Affairs.

1. The computer-based test takes one hour.

2. A total of 75 questions are asked in this exam.

3. Each incorrect answer will indicate a negative.

4. 1/3 of the total marks obtained for each incorrect answer will be deducted.

5. All questions are of the objective type.

How to get a job in the railway department

Important Tips for Railway Exam Preparation

* To prepare for the Railway Exam, we need to know the syllabus of the exam so that you will have knowledge about the questions that may come up in the exam and the time to solve those questions.

2. Prepare according to the questions that come up in the exam.

* Solve the previous year's question papers so that you will know about the examination system.

* If you have passed the exam, you should read only the important topics.

* Use a short trick in preparation for the exam so that your questions will be solved quickly so that you can focus more on other difficult questions.

* As the exam date approaches most students start to feel very tense, which causes them a lot of damage, in this stress, they are not able to solve the questions that come up, which affects the result of the exam, so do not stress the time, keep yourself relaxed.

* Some of the questions in the exam are related to current affairs, so you should read a newspaper every day so that you can keep up to date and watch TV news every day when the news comes back to you, you read the news. You will remember the news that happened.

* One day before the exam, get your full sleep so that you can maintain your mental balance in the exam hall and you can pay full attention to all the questions.

We have told you here about preparing the railway exam if you have any questions related to this information, or if you want to get any other information related to it you can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

How to get a job in the railway department Eligible

There are many records in the Railways and these records are divided into groups A, B, C, D. Different qualifications are determined according to each group and position. You can qualify for any position you want to apply for by notice.

How to get a job in the railway department Age

To get a job in the railways, the age of the candidates should be between 18 and 33 years. Candidates in the reserved category are given relaxation for a maximum of five years.

This way you can get a job on the railways-

To get a job in the railway sector, you have to evaluate yourself, which railway post you are eligible for. You should get complete information about the recommended qualification for this post. 

If you have the recommended qualifications, you can apply for that position.

How to get a job in the railway department

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After gaining knowledge about the course, prepare for the exam, in preparation, you should pay equal attention to all the subjects. 

You can prepare well for what you are most vulnerable to by participating in a nearby exercise or ongoing exercise with the help of YouTube on the Internet. 

After being ready, you have to take the exam on the scheduled date of the exam. If you prepare well, you will be selected and you can join Indian Railways this way.


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